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[pygame] Power Point Replacement [long]


Every so often I'm asked to do a presentation for
work. These days, there's an expectation that I'll
make use of powerpoint slides.  I find windows
grating, so I prefer not to.  I've been using
Magicpoint on linux, but this generally doesn't solve
the problem as the target projector is often plugged
into a windows box.

To cut a long story short, I'm mid way through
creating a powerpoint replacement using python/pygame.
For now I'm calling it python-point and I've started
working on the viewer first.  I have it rendering
text, solid rectangles and gradients nicely with surf
array, but I need smooth image scaling capability.

It looks tough to implement with acceptable
performance in python, even with numeric and
surfarray.  There's a library called rotozoom which is
available for SDL which would fit the bill nicely
except for pygame integration.  One of the many
appeals of pygame is the prebuilt windows binary so I
don't have to maintain a windows binary myself.

Finally, he cuts to the chase and asks the question:

1. If I do the work to integrate a smooth zoom
capability into pygame ( I expect a numpy C extension
would be the most seamless fit ), is there any
interest in integrating it as a mainstream pygame
feature (dependant on Numeric).
2. Failing this, is there any interest in integrating
3. Is anyone else interested in a powerpoint
replacement?  The features at the top of my list are:
- cross platform
- renders to capabilities of current display ie.
scales up and down nicely.
- easily expandable viewer.
- easily replacable presentation creator.  Initialiiy,
I want it to read a thrown together emacs outline and
a style specification to give me quick and visually
acceptable presentations.

Ok, I'll shutup now :)

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