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Re: [pygame] PythonPoint box-o-bits release

> Can be found at
> http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~hal-9000/pythonpoint.zip
> Presently, only render_queue.py and renderables.py are
> fit for public consumption although there is a basic
> demo which may be viewed with
> ./view.py test.pyt

i had to make one change to get it running. in view.py
the pickle file must be opened as binary, or it doesn't
work on MS operating systems, just change line 18 to
    f=open(argv[1], 'rb') 

once that was done it did run for me. my only grumbles
would be the large 1600x1200 window doesn't really work
for me on my 1280 desktop. :/
i was also hoping the PYT file was gonna be a nice easy
to edit textfile, but it was binary pickle data. not the
easiest to look at and fiddle with. a text pickle file
would be a little better, owell. i'm guessing in more
final releases that will all be developed.

so far, so good. the first 5-6 slides worked for me, after
that i just quit out.

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