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Re: [pygame] PythonPoint box-o-bits release

--- Pete Shinners <shredwheat@mediaone.net> wrote:
> work on MS operating systems, just change line 18 to
>     f=open(argv[1], 'rb') 

Thanks, I'll fix that tonight

> would be the large 1600x1200 window doesn't really
> work
> for me on my 1280 desktop. :/

?! There's code in bestmode.py which is supposed to
select the highest depth then highest resolution mode
available.  It works for me(tm) but then my desktop is
1600x1200.  I'll check it out again tonight and make
sure I didn't hard code something during a test.

> i was also hoping the PYT file was gonna be a nice
> easy
> to edit textfile, but it was binary pickle data.

It's currently a binary pickle because that file isn't
supposed to be the presentation definition but a
compiled version of the presentation definition.  I
want to maintain a clear distinction between the
presentation specification language and the actual
presentation elements being viewed so that different
presentation specification front ends can easily be
developed.  I like emacs outline files but they're not
everybodys cup of tea.  If somebody wants a gui
presentation builder I'd like to make it easy for them
to do so.  If somebody wants to write a .ppt
interpreting front end, I'd like the backend part to
be easy for them.

To cut a long story short, the current .pyt is a very
interim file format and will change because it doesn't
have all the features I want.

> so far, so good. the first 5-6 slides worked for me,
> after
> that i just quit out.

There are only 5 or 6 slides :)  They aren't visually
stunning, but they do test the rendering elements.

My immediate TODO:

- Modify Image to allow both aspect maintaining and
aspect distorting scales.
- Clean up the viewer to remove a large number of bugs
and kinks.
- Add shared presentation elements
- Change Step to be more animation and aural
presentation element friendly.
- Add a thumbnail index feature.
- Write an emacs outline front end
- Write a graphical stylesheet creator, probably using pyui.

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