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Re: [pygame] Aahh! it's lovely!

Simon Britnell wrote:
> It's been a long work day, but I stayed up late to try
> pygame.transform.
> I needed to add
> #if !defined(max)
> #define max(A,B) (((A)<(B))?(B):(A))
> #endif
> To the front of both transform.c and rotozoom.c to get
> them to link without complaining of a missing max
> symbol.

I seem to have had to do something worse. gcc kept giving me 'parse
errors' on some lines, which were using max. Finally I replaced max
(which was already defined in my system, apparently) with 'nmax'
in those offending lines, stating the same as your definition of
max here. Now it compiles.

This with the latest CVS checkout of pygame, and gcc -v gives me:
gcc version 2.95.4 20010604 (Debian prerelease)

On a debian unstable system.


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