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Re: [pygame] PythonPoint box-o-bits release

Simon Britnell wrote:
> --- Pete Shinners <shredwheat@mediaone.net> wrote:
> > would be the large 1600x1200 window doesn't really
> > work
> > for me on my 1280 desktop. :/
> ?! There's code in bestmode.py which is supposed to
> select the highest depth then highest resolution mode
> available.  It works for me(tm) but then my desktop is
> 1600x1200.  I'll check it out again tonight and make
> sure I didn't hard code something during a test.

Seems to work for me on my Linux desktop; I'm running 1024x768.

Neat! If this develops further I'll add this to my list of things to
consider when I need a presentation tool. The other two options
are the ever-popular web-browser, and even emacs. I've seen both
in use at the last Python conference. The emacs presentation was
funny; Michel Pelletier was saying something like 'well, it'll look
like.. wait, this is emacs! I can change it!' and went in and messed
with the text file.



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