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[pygame] Announcing PyRunner 0.1 (beta)

I'd like to announce the release of PyRunner 0.1 (beta)!

PyRunner is a Python version of the classic game Lode Runner, a simple
arcade-style game where you run around a map trying to pickup gold while
avoiding computer-controlled enemies.  Some of the features include:

* High score/ranking system with statistics.
* Custom level creation using just a text editor.
* Group levels into customized "adventures", with their own high scores.
* Support for custom artwork sets.  (I had to put this in because I'm a
terrible artist :-))

PyRunner 0.1 is distributed in source only so you must have Python,
pygame, etc. installed already.  It can be downloaded from the small web
site that I've set up:


I wrote PyRunner so I could learn pygame and get some more experience
with Python.  If nothing else, I hope PyRunner serves as an example of a
larger game project that others can learn from, but I think it's pretty
addictive to play too!

Paul Sidorsky                                          Calgary, Canada
paulsid@home.com                      http://members.home.net/paulsid/
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