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Re: [pygame] pythonpoint pre^10-alpha 2 available

> http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~hal-9000/pythonpoint.zip
> It's a little further advanced than last time. 

its looking good, it took me awhile to figure out
"view.py" was the main source file to execute :]

there are still problems with setting the display
mode, i am getting a 1600x1200 window on my measly
1280x1024 desktop. i went looking at the code and
found the problem. 


this call only works on linux, and has no effect
on windows platforms. you're better off calling
display.mode_ok() and display.set_mode() with 
the FULLSCREEN flag.

also, i'm pretty sure there's no need to loop
through the display depths like you are. just make
one call to display.mode_ok() with 32 as the desired
depth, the return value will be the highest available
color depth (which you will pass to display.set_mode())

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