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Re: [pygame] problem with pygame.transform

> but there seems to be a problem with the module if i use the flip function:
> the resulting surface is somehow corrupted (seems to be displaced). please
> have a look at the attached graphics and the attached test program.

there sure does. you've found the first real code bug since the 1.1
release. (urgh, that didn't take long). the flip was reading data
off by a pixel (which actually could prove more severe).
i've got it all fixed in cvs, but i don't expect a new full pygame
release for at least a month. :-/

this also on the heels of another problem in the transform module.
it turns out the rotate and rotozoom functions are rotating the
images counterclockwise. for reasons beyond my comprehension i
believed they rotated the other way. yet i digress. at this point
the code has already shipped as 1.1 and i've tagged this as a
"documentation bug". the documentation has been fixed. 

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