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[pygame] problem with pygame.transform

hi all,

first of all: pygame is great! thanks to you all for the great work
(especially mr. shinners).

1) i am currently working on a just-for-fun project. i started with
pygame-1.0 and updated to pygame-1.1 yesterday and tried to use the
pygame.transform module.

but there seems to be a problem with the module if i use the flip function:
the resulting surface is somehow corrupted (seems to be displaced). please
have a look at the attached graphics and the attached test program.

i am using Win2k with Python2.1/pygame1.1

2) i use 8bit bitmaps. i would like to replace a specific color with a given
color value (to recolor the dress of a player - just direct color/color
replacement). what possibilities do i have to do that? manipulating the
palette of a surface (after convert())? directly manipulating the bitmap
after loading? using surfarray? i would appreciate any suggestions.