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Re: [pygame] apt-get install pygame

On Mon, Jun 25, 2001 at 03:10:30PM +0300, Jan Ekholm wrote:
> I'll try this tonight when I get home to my 'testing' laptop. If this
> works it means that a Debian package of our game is possible. As all SDL
> stuff seems to be there already this should be no problem. Having pygame
> as an official package would be even better, of course.

I got a much better response this time from posting to debian-python.

One maintainer has agreed to sponsor an upload for me, and another one
has offered (possibly) to take over maintenance.

So either way, pygame will hopefully make it into the archive soon...
Then we just need to poke it into testing (by fixing bugs in its
dependencies, and waiting a couple of weeks?) in time for release of


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