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[pygame] Question and suggestions

Hi! I'm new to this list and to pygame.

I'm writing a frontend to the arcadeemulator MAME. Its 
primary design is to be used with a joystick or with the 
arcadecontrols on a homebuilt arcadekiosk. The goal is to 
be better than AdvanceMENU...

I have a question: How can I have non-transparent 
text/pictures on a transparent surface? I have a 
transparent popup-dialog, but I want the text rendered on 
it NOT to be transparent...
One suggestion is to be able to have alpha bigger than 256, 
so if the surface has alpha 150 and the text alpha 405, the 
text would be rendered with "normal alpha" 255...

Also, functions to darken/lighten, blend, change contrast 
and hue on a surface would be cool!

Per Wigren

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