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Re: AW: [pygame] Introducing Pyzzle

> Indeed, when I thought about an idea similar to that, I figured I started
> with a story board, which I would scetch with a pencil on several papers.
> Then I'd scan these papers, and have a draft of backgrounds, that you can
> use to test the storyline. With Pete's suggestion, you can scetch most of
> the story without even programming. This way you can concentrate on the
> story first, before you sink a lot of time in development (unless, of
> course, the development is the real fun. But then again, I think the story
> should be. Ok, both).

Yeah it goes without saying there is allot of pencil and paper work in a 
project like MadTV.* I had not thought about using scanned pencil sketches to 
test the story line, but thinking about it it does make sense. Creating the 
puzzles is the real challenge, my mates are starting to get a little sick of 
my test puzzles. For one puzzle one mate finished it in 2mins while the 
others took at least 30mins. That's the kind of thing I have to deal with. 
But its a lot of sadistic fun.

This is one reason I have separated the MadTV engine development (Pyzzle) and 
MadTV game development. I'm working on both projects simultaneously, but the 
engine development if definitely the easier of the two. I have plenty of test 
images, sounds, mpegs to test Pyzzle with and by the time MadTVs design and 
graphics are finished it will only be a matter of data entry and some logic 
implementation to get MadTV working. For this reason I want Pyzzle to easily 
include new images, features, areas and puzzles as possible.


* For those who don't know: MadTV is the project name for my untitled 
adventure/puzzle Myst style game. Pyzzle is MadTV's engine.

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