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RE: [pygame] Music...

For now I've just decided to use Sound rather than Music for my music - I'll
just poll for now if I need to.
I don't really see a need for the difference between sound & music, the only
one being that the music supposedly gets streamed rather than pre-loaded.
I don't see this making much difference on today's platforms, unless we're
talking megabytes per file and lots of switching - even so, a little
threading logic and you're all set. Seems to me like these can be merged
into one API that handles all the media types pretty much the same way.
Using Sound also removes the limit of one music channel.
Of course, if/when I switch to a non-WAV music type, I guess I'll have to go
back to using Music.

So far, I've only used SDL as binary-packaged for Windows via pygame - I'm
sure you're right that w/the SDL source an event could be coerced from Sound
as well as Music.


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--- Pete Shinners <shredwheat@mediaone.net> wrote:
> SDL provides a C callback for the music finishing,
> but not for
> sound channels finishing. (thats a pretty good
> reason, eh?)

Couldn't the audio buffer empty callback that's
specified in ...checks www.libsdl.org ...
SDL_OpenAudio/SDL_AudioSpec be used to synthesize a
playback finished event? When the callback is called
and there was no more sound data to put in it?

> the only way to really test for a sound object to
> finish playing
> is to poll it frequently with one of the (excitingly
> named)
> get_busy() methods.

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