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Re: [pygame] Music...

From: "Michael Robin" <vimakefile@yahoo.com>
> I don't really see a need for the difference between sound & music, the only
> one being that the music supposedly gets streamed rather than pre-loaded.
> I don't see this making much difference on today's platforms, unless we're
> talking megabytes per file and lots of switching 

for raw uncompressed audio, i think the standardish rate is about
10MB per minute. so a 4 minute music track could swamp many peoples
one thing i don't like about SDL_mixer is that the music can be
one of very many formats, but the sound samples can only be WAV.
i've been thinking about looking into the code and letting you load
a sound sample from anything the music part can load too. i don't
expect it would be difficult at all, just needs to be figured out
and done.

From: "Simon Britnell" <ughbash@yahoo.com>
> Couldn't the audio buffer empty callback that's
> specified in ...checks www.libsdl.org ...
> SDL_OpenAudio/SDL_AudioSpec be used to synthesize a
> playback finished event? When the callback is called
> and there was no more sound data to put in it?

not really. SDL_mixer sits on top of all the SDL audio stuff, and
is very strict about letting you at the data inside SDL_mixer. it
kind of has to be, since much of SDL_mixer runs in separate threads.
for the 'safety' of everyone involved, SDL_mixer just doesn't let
you do anything besides the functions made available to you. there
might be ways to hook some of our own functions in, but it would not
be recommended.

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