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Re: [pygame] Pygame patch for 1.5.2

> Today i made quick patch in order to compile pygame for 1.5.2.
> chimp, liquid and stars demo work after converting to old sintax (+= and 
> *= only).
> Is it worth to become part of package?

niki, great. yes, it is very much worth adding into pygame.
i never thought it would be too difficuilt, just needed doing.
(i guess i should install a 1.5.2 so i can test it out)

still, i thought there would be a bit more work, like
#ifdefing fields out in the object type structures. (i guess i
wasn't using any 2.0 specific features there, so nothing to
take out for 1.5.2)

i think pygame's official position will be >=2.0 is recommended.
but you can 1.5.2 if you must. i'll get this all checked in shortly.

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