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Re: [pygame] Game idea revised

I know the basics of both Python and C, I took robotics and the robot's programming was done in C.
I've learned how to use C but I've never actually done it, though. I've read code, went bug hunting and used code in a robot but I've never actually done something on my own in it yet.I know a little python from what I've been doing with my game so far. I'm just trying to think which direction I should take it. I had better make up my mind soon...

I'd like to experiment with SWIG and C... but I don't know if I have enough time for that. I'm afraid that if I do it wrong I'll waste too much time and have nothing good to present for my project...

Hmm. It's a difficult decision.

On 3/1/07, Ethan Glasser-Camp <glasse@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Greg Ewing wrote:
> If you're already experienced with C it's probably
> okay. But it sounded like the OP was new to programming
> in general, in which case trying to learn Python and C
> and how to glue them together all at the same time
> might be a bit much.

Yeah, you're probably right -- learning what a header file is and how
to use it could be a challenge. But I do think that the use of SWIG to
glue together Python and C is pretty easy and doesn't require much
"expert knowledge" of Python.