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Re: [pygame] PyWeek #4 in April!

Hello all

For me, and I may have a very different idea on what something like game in a day or game in a week is. Game in a week is a nice break. I am a professional game developer ( actually one of the games was on a nokia and used pygame, so thank you all for building that library. It made my life so easy ).

Anyway, back to the point. Starting a game is easy, finishing a game is work. PERIOD. I don't care what anybody says about that. Pong is a bitch to finish. I personally think of this challange as a chance to take an idea and actually finish it. What would you guess the averages are for games started vs games finished ( million to 1 would be my guess ).

So for me, I don't care what you do to finish a game in a week. That is the accomplishment all on its own. 1 week just defines the size of the project ( make it small, really small ). Most people try game in a day or week and never finish because they don't know how much it takes to finish a game. Second try there idea is much smaller and they may finish. Third try if they are still modivated they can actually do it.

First and for most to me is finishing a game by any means is something to be prood of. Getting first is something you can work on later. We all know the "Finish pong, then start your MMO" saying. This is a chance to do that.

For people worried about game developers having a mass library. We have already finished games we do it for a living. Yeah chances are we have a prebuilt API and have knowledge and contact with art departments to make a game but why ohh why would I go to work for a contest. So I can beat some person doing it on there own.. lol. Wow I am so great i am a pro boxer and i just powned that amature..

Another thing about contests like, you really need to think outside the box. You don't have the time to create World of Warcraft. So you have to think of something small and hopefully fun, arts going to suck runtime is going to suck but the idea is there. Even with a full studio in 1 week you still only have the idea. Damn, were i work if i tried to use my full staff we would still be in meeting at the end of the week.

Anyway sorry to ramble hope that makes some sence.

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