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Re: [pygame] PyWeek #4 in April!

Richard wrote:
>I should nit-pick here. I'm very careful to call it a "challenge" and not
>a "competition". There are no prizes, except kudos. I like it that way 'cos
>it means I can enter without fear of being charged with cheating to gain
>prizes :)
Yeah this is important.  Prizes would probably mess the whole thing up.  I don't feel so bad if I miss a compo or if I lose, if there were prizes it would be more frustrating.  Still, we do vote on winners, so there is a competitive element.  For me, it's this more than the deadline that gives me inspiration.  Thanks by the way for running this Richard.  I've only competed once, but it was a blast.  I'm planning on entering this time though, I think the timing is actually going to work out.

Greg Ewing wrote:
>If the PyGame site isn't suitable, are there any other
>sites for Python-based games that would be more

This is a very good point.  Other than pygame.org, I can't think of any good, standard showcase sites for python games.  Pygame is the most common library, but there are quite a few others, and more coming down the pike (pyglet etc).  More than any other kind of project, games are meant to be shown off.  When I am looking for games to play, pygame is usually the only place I look, before going to non python places such as happypenguin or gametunnel.  Perhaps the community should be decentralized a bit from the libraries.  Although these kinds of developments can often split a community instead of bringing it together.  Maybe pyweek could be involved?  It already has a good infrastructure set up, and some good documents covering a lot of the libraries available.  A standard site for python game development might not be such a bad idea. 

If there were to be an exposition type thing, how long would it last?  Same length of time or more?  Would there be themes as well (but maybe more of a guideline than a requirement).  Releasing the source would be required of course.  Maybe instead of running it like a competition, there could be some sort of awards type thing once a year (pygame oscars!).  They do those game of the month top ten articles on gametunnel that are always interesting and help point out independent games that you might not hear about.  Maybe pygame needs something like that?

Just some ideas to think about. 

Can't wait for pyweek to start!