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Re: [pygame] PyWeek #4 in April!

Pyweek is a competition, is it not?  An exhibition would be something entirely different, and allowing more time or loose inclusion of any libraries would be orthoganal to what pyweek currently is.  A different thing, that was an exhibition and allowed you to build off of existing code, would be something completely different.  Which isn't to say that something like that shouldn't exist :) 

I don't think you'd get nearly as many entrants as you do with pyweek, it would be more of people just showing off what they are working on, which people can already do anyway (on the pygame.org page, or through various standard channels).

The competition element of pyweek is part of the creative drive that makes it work for people, at least for me.  The chance to not worry about remembring which of my 10,000 functions do what I want, start from scratch, work on a brand new game with a friend or friends (who i don't have to teach, except the extreme python basics) is a great opportunity. 

I don't look at the from-scratch angle as a burden (oh no, I don't want to have to code this function AGAIN) but as an opportunity (instead of doing it like this, since I always do it that way, lets try something different).

And if you have a nice boiler plate library that accomplishes all of the annoying set up that you don't want to write again, publish it and use it in the contest :)  Just give others the opportunity to use it as well.

Heh, my online game was a bad example.  It's sort of closed source for the time being, and not working very well at the moment to boot.  I can definately see the value in a non-from scratch competition, expo, etc.  Pyweek is so infrequent I would love more opportunities to get ideas and make cool stuff.  Start something new :)