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Re: [pygame] PyWeek #4 in April!

Patrick Mullen wrote:
A different thing, that was an exhibition and allowed you to build off of existing code, would be something completely different.

I don't think you'd get nearly as many entrants as you do with pyweek, it would be more of people just showing off what they are working on, which people can already do anyway (on the pygame.org <http://pygame.org> page, or through various standard channels).

An exhibition event would provide a coordinated time and place for people to meet and interact. One of the main reasons that PyWeek interests me is that I know there will be a bunch of like-minded people there, all at once, making time to look at each other's work. You don't get the same experience from just announcing something on a web site or mailing list.

Also, although not to the same extent as PyWeek, it would
provide an incentive to get something done. If any release
date is as good as another, it's easy to let things slide.

So if anyone wants to set up such an event, I'll be

By the way, is the PyGame web site only for games based
on the PyGame library, or would other Python-oriented
games be welcome there too? I have a couple of works in
progress that I'll be wanting to show off in due course,
but they don't use PyGame.

If the PyGame site isn't suitable, are there any other
sites for Python-based games that would be more