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Re: [pygame] Running 'cmd' module as a pythread?

JoN wrote:
(For some bizarre reason this never seems to have made it to the list.
Here it is again).

It was posted as a reply to "BUG: problem with surface clipping region".

I know this is a python rather than pygame issue, but with all the multithreaded
talent on this list I thought somebody might have answers.

Has anybody here had experience with running the 'cmd' module:


-as a python thread?

Reasoning - I have a multithreaded environment and I dont want to write my own
command interpreter.  Rather I just want to be able to pretend to be a humble
thread and issue lock/unlock etc commands as any other thread would (ignore
thread-safety issues with modules for now, the other threads only use my modules).

Or a different command interpreter, if there is one?

It should work. Just keep all command interpreter management stuff in the same thread.

Lenard Lindstrom