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[pygame] GSoC Student

Hello everyone.

My name is Tyler, a third year computer science student at UBC-Okanagan. I started programming with python, even developing a simple game in Tkinter before I found pygame. I've been programming in Python for almost 6 years now, giving me a lot of experience and knowledge about the intricacies of Python. In recent years, I've been learning C, and feel confident enough about my skill with C to be able to contribute usefully. I have previous experience working with python integrated into a C app(Nakedmud), as well as some development experience(very minor) for rockbox.org. Most of what I contributed to rockbox.org was access to a specific mp3 player, as well decompilation information from the firmware.

After looking at all the available choices, I would like to do one of the three following projects:

1) Begin work on porting Pygame to Python 3, if it hasn't already been started.
This would involved updating all the c modules to the new api changes and updating all the internal python code to Python 3 format.
However, this could be a rather large project to undertake.

2) Add decent movie support using ffmpeg
While this is listed in the Hard tasks section, it sounded very interesting to me. This would vastly improve my c skills, while contributing something very useful to pygame.
This would require gaining a passing familiarity with ffmpeg's library, its functions, and how they work in a multi-threaded environment. In addition, I would also have to design an api for use in pygame for the movie support.

3) Improve font and image support in pygame.
This is likely the simplest task of the three. It would require studying the documentation for the formats, learning the pygame internal structures for these formats, and creating loaders and savers from those internal structures.

Thank you for your time, and please let me know if you would like to mentor me, and which project would be best for me to undertake.


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