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[pygame] PyGameSF meetup Tuesday March 24th 10th 6pm @ Main San Francisco Public Library

Hi All,
This months PyGameSF meet up is at the STONG conference room on the
first floor of the main San Francisco public library beside civic
center BART. The library closes at 8pm so we will be reconviening to
frjtz on hayes street for dinner/drinks afterwords.  This month's
presentations are:
    - Casey Duncan:  Going Low-level, A peek under the hood at the C
     implementation of the Lepton particle engine as an example of how to
     develop for Python in C for ultimate performance. We'll take a peek at
     Lepton itself and take a crack at extending it with C.
    - Harry Tormey:  Fast prototyping Word games with python and
      pyglet. An introduction to working with pyglet, the cross-platform
      windowing and multimedia library. This talk will cover how to
      structure a game with pyglet, how it differs from working with pygame,
      best practices for using the pyglet event loop, working with OpenGL
      vertex arrays to manipulate text and general tips on how not to go
      insane if you are an OpenGL newbie.

PyGame SF is an informal group meet up in San Francisco for Software
engineers interested in python, OpenGL, audio, pygame, SDL,
programming and generally anything to do with multimedia development.
The format of our meetings typically involve several people giving
presentations on projects they are developing followed by
group discussion and feedback.
If anyone else would like to give a micro presentation, show demos or
just talk about what they are doing or generally give examples of any
relevant software they are working on please feel free to head along.
To subscribe to the pygamesf mailing list simply email
pygame-sf+subscribe at unworkable.org
Harry Tormey
P2P Research