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Re: [pygame] GSoc 2009 pgreloaded

On, Tue Mar 17, 2009, jeremy geros wrote:

> Hello
> My name is Jeremy, i am thinking about applying for the GSoC. I am
> quite new to python and pygame, but i do know some C++ and have learnt
> to how to create some basic 2d games in  xna. 

That are some good prerequisites for the easy tasks as they explicitly
target on interested beginners.

> Looking though the
> topics i the writing examples for pgreloaded the most interesting
> thing that i think that i could achieve during the GSoC period, from
> what i understand of the description this would be like writing
> examples that cover how to use pgreloaded,

Right. Ideally the examples should cover each aspect of pgreloaded, with
a lot of descriptions.

> it also says to create a overall suite examples. FOr this could i
> write an app maybe where people were guided though examples. thanks
> for any advice

Something like that would be ideal. Go ahead and start to write an
application outline for the GSoC and pass it on to us (either the list
or directly mail it to me), so we can give you some feedback and advice.


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