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Re: [pygame] Re: GSoC Student

On, Thu Mar 19, 2009, Tyler Laing wrote:

> Ah, apologies, I hadn't fully read the mailing list before I posted
> this.
> Pygame for Python 3 is pgreloaded, which I presume has active
> developers.

Right. Me and my exceptional one-man-show :-).
> For the font and image support, there appears to already be a
> volunteer for that.

Note that those are two tasks as stated on the ideas page[0].  The one
covers improved font support, the other improved image and graphics
format support.

If you are unsure about whether others want to work on the same task,
but are really eager to do it, you can provide an application for it
anyways. Chances that one of you both is then accepted for that task
will be lower (not to say there will be none to have bot working on that
task :-), so it might be a good thing to contact us and the other
applicant in question to find some agreement or alternative task to work
> But I would still like to work on the movie support. If there are any
> other ideas that could be done over the summer, I would like to hear
> them.

If you have own ones, feel free to submit them. You are not limited to
the ideas list.

[0] http://pygame.org/wiki/gsoc2009ideas


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