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[pygame] GSoC: Improved Sprite and scene system

My name is Erisvaldo, I'm 21, graduated in Internet Systems (2006-2008) and last year student of Computer Science at UFPB (Brazil).
I have some experiencie with game development, mainly with mobile games (JavaME), but also have used many engines like HGE, Pygame and some 3D ones (Crystal Space, Ogre and Irrlicht).
I would like to help improving Sprite system of PyGame and also add a generic scene system to the engine. Is there anyone working on it at the moment? How can I apply for this?
If someone could give me some tips of how should I make my proposal I would appreciate. A list of desired features is also appreciated.
Thank you all,
Erisvaldo Junior.
Contact: erisvaldojunior@xxxxxxxxx
Website: http://erisvaldojunior.com