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[pygame] Re: Website requests

I vote for Django :)

But I think thats a matter of arguments and personal interests/

My opinion:
  I would really like to participate in the rewrite, but I only know
Django and a little MoinMoin (standard installation).

Now some arguments (quotes from http://pygame.org/wiki/gsoc2009ideas):

->Don't write an own wiki, there are enough out there. MoinMoin would
be a good sort, but only as wiki.

>> feed(rss, atom) for wiki recent changes.
MoinMoin supports rss (/atom?)

>> Menu to use alternating background colours - to make it easier to read.
Should be a very simple and small js hack (backend-independent)

>> Optional email notification on project change, including release and comment. A per user, per project option.
Django task

> Nicer urls for projects. eg projects/512/zanthor/
Django task (very easy)

> detect tabs in code blocks, and convert to spaces. Either ask to convert to 4 or 8 spaces, or do some magic to figure out how many spaces.
Python task (backend independent)

> Browsing projects in more ways. By ranking, by date.
Django task (easy)

> Spotlight projects changeable from management area.
Django task

> Fix website for looking ok in 800x600 resolution - the header does not scale down well.
html/css/template task (mostly backend independent)

Combination of Django and MoinMoin is not trivial and will need some
time/reading/testing,  maybe starting with http://moinmo.in/HelpOnAuthentication/ExternalCookie.
If it meets the requirements, http://github.com/sneeu/django-wiki/tree/master
could be an alternative.

  In my opinion, the pygame.org rewrite could be done with Django and
an integrated (MoinMoin-)wiki.