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[pygame] gsoc idea sqlite db for pygame

I have an idea for a proposal for gsoc.My interest in game development is with games with deep datasets(RPG,strategy games,etc)These projects tend to be intensive, which is why I haven't posted a game project myself (yet).

One of the major problems I have encountered in development is an effective way of dealing with the massive amounts of data these games need.When you need to deal with, in a RPG for instance, player and npc hitpoints, experience points, items etc, handling all the data can get difficult.
While looking for a solution to this data situation,
I recently started experimenting with the pySqlite wrapper for the sqlite databases.It has some
good qualities that could be useful in Pygame.Its relatively small.It's serverless, so problems with setting up a server and client system would be mitigated.The pySqlite wrapper around Sqlite is solid, and full-featured.
A class could be built around pySqlite to help abstract some of the data,so you wouldn't necessarily have to know SQL to add and retrieve data from the database(i've built a module to do that already).
I'm interested if anyone thinks this would be a good addition to Pygame, and whether this would a good
GSoc project.
John Robinson