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[pygame] problems building pgreloaded in Vista

Last night I  tried to build pgreloaded but it wasn't successful.
I downloaded msys,MinGW, and all the libraries needed, and ran into some problems.
1.I was unable to run python from Msys or the Windows cmd line.I would say that there was a problem with my Python install, but everything else works fine.Python is associated with .py files,double-clicking on a .py launches the files correctly,the Python interpreter appears in the Start menu,
everything else seems fine
2.msys_build_deps cant find the file directory.this one I fixed.Some of the file I downloaded,especially the SDL packages, didn't follow the naming convention in the script.Changing the file directory name(e.g. sdl_mixer to Sdl_mixer-1.1.1) solved the prblem
3.scrpt says "The build for SDL failed with code 68864 "I'll check online for sdl error codes

I appreciate the board's time and how someone can giver some advice to help