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Re: [pygame] problems building pgreloaded in Vista

John Robinson wrote:
Last night I  tried to build pgreloaded but it wasn't successful.
I downloaded msys,MinGW, and all the libraries needed, and ran into some problems.
1.I was unable to run python from Msys or the Windows cmd line.I would say that there was a problem with my Python install, but everything else works fine.Python is associated with .py files,double-clicking on a .py launches the files correctly,the Python interpreter appears in the Start menu,
everything else seems fine
2.msys_build_deps cant find the file directory.this one I fixed.Some of the file I downloaded,especially the SDL packages, didn't follow the naming convention in the script.Changing the file directory name(e.g. sdl_mixer to Sdl_mixer-1.1.1) solved the prblem
3.scrpt says "The build for SDL failed with code 68864 "I'll check online for sdl error codes

I appreciate the board's time and how someone can giver some advice to help

msys_build_deps.py looks like it is straight out of Pygame, with some minor changes to module paths. So it can be run from the DOS prompt instead of Msys. Either add the python directory to the PATH environment variable or use the full python path on the command line. If Msys was not installed using the Windows installer then see the Vista notes at the end of the MinGW build page: http://www.pygame.org/wiki/MingW?parent=index#vista%20notes

I have not tried to do a pgreloaded build myself, preferring to use the Pygame prebuilts rather that go through the process of yet again building the dependencies from scratch. But SDL_gfx is not included in msys_build_deps.py -- I haven't gotten around to it yet -- so it will not build. Maybe prreloaded's configure system can work around this.


Lenard Lindstrom