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Re: [pygame] problems building pgreloaded in Vista

On, Sat Mar 21, 2009, John Robinson wrote:

> Last night I  tried to build pgreloaded but it wasn't successful.
> I downloaded msys,MinGW, and all the libraries needed, and ran into
> some problems.

> 1.I was unable to run python from Msys or the Windows cmd line.I would
> say that there was a problem with my Python install, but everything
> else works fine.Python is associated with .py files,double-clicking on
> a .py launches the files correctly,the Python interpreter appears in
> the Start menu, everything else seems fine

Add the Python directory to your PATH.

> 2.msys_build_deps cant find the file directory.this one I fixed.Some
> of the file I downloaded,especially the SDL packages, didn't follow
> the naming convention in the script.Changing the file directory
> name(e.g. sdl_mixer to Sdl_mixer-1.1.1) solved the prblem

This sounds to me like you downloaded the wrong packages. On
downloading, use the _source_ packages, not any prebuilt ones. Once
done, create a directory named 'deps' in your pgreloaded source
directory and unpack any source package into it.
This will give you something like the following structure:


If you have a VC++ installation around, you can use the prebuilt
packages, though and follow the steps as mentioned in doc/BuildVC.txt.

Afterwards you should disable the SDL_gfx bindings by changing the
cfg.py and set WITH_SDL_GFX to False. Alternatively (on Msys) you
can disable it by building pgreloaded with 'make -DWITH_SDL_GFX=0'.


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