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Re: [pygame] problems building pgreloaded in Vista

Marcus Avon Appen wrote:
Afterwards you should disable the SDL_gfx bindings by changing the
cfg.py and set WITH_SDL_GFX to False. Alternatively (on Msys) you
can disable it by building pgreloaded with 'make -DWITH_SDL_GFX=0'.

I have created a branch version of Pygame's msys_build_deps.py that builds SDL_gfx 2.0.18.

svn co svn://seul.org/svn/pygame/branches/msys_build_deps

Only the last entry of the dependencies list:

   Dependency('GFX', ['SDL_gfx-[2-9].*'], ['SDL_gfx.dll'], """ ....

need be copied into the pgreloaded version.


Lenard Lindstrom