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Re: [pygame] python/pygame development environment

 >> I'm wondering what development environments people find useful, and why.

To Chris Gersch:
please don't start a new topic by replying to a message and changing the
subject. The new thread starts embedded in the old one, while it would be
better if it would be visible on its own.

 > These days I use NEdit 5.3 on top of Linux 2.4.19 for source editing.

NEdit is sure nice, I've been using it for months, and occasionally still
do. But today I'm hooked on Leo:


Download and fora on Sourceforge, too:


 > I did take a look at scintilla that was recommended here on the list,
 > and that tree expanding thing looks kind of cool.

The SciTE screenshot looks nice, I've got to try it sometimes. Yet, as
outlining editors go, I've found Leo to be extremely flexible, since the
outline is not restricted to the source code inner structure. Instead, it is
freely definable, allowing one to keep track of both code in a number of
languages and markups, and documentation, auxiliary files, and anything else 
one may think of.

The concept takes a while to sink in, but I'd say it's worthwhile. Also, Leo
is getting stronger day by day while keeping its focus, and the fact that
it's entirely written, and scriptable, in Python surely helps. :^)

"We should forget about small efficiencies, about 97% of the time.
Premature optimization is the root of all evil."  Donald Knuth

Nicola Larosa - nico@tekNico.net

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