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Re: [pygame] python/pygame development environment

> I'm wondering what development environments people find useful, and why.
> I'm currently running IDLE under windows, but its not ideal. There are some
> problems like IDLE's debugger is a bit flakey - break points dont work under
> Windows.

Back when I was using IDLE (for like two days) I discovered that IDLEfork 
was much less achy-breaky, so if you're a hardcore IDLE fan, maybe that's 
worth a shot.

These days I use NEdit 5.3 on top of Linux 2.4.19 for source editing. It's a 
handy editor with syntax highlighting and a handful of other tools that 
doesn't try to be emacs, which although I'm sure everyone loves, I just 
believe my editor should be able to check my email and change which mp3 is 
playing depending on whether I've got new mail or not. =]

Admittedly, I don't really mess with breakpoints, I'm more of a "insert a 
debugging print line here" sort of guy. I just code in nedit, save, and run 
my program from a bash prompt.

I did take a look at scintilla that was recommended here on the list, and 
that tree expanding thing looks kind of cool.

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