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Re: [pygame] pygame2exe update

Do you know if it's possible to do this using WINE?  I want to upload a
windows exe to the LD competition, but don't have a windows box.

If i installed wine, then installed win32 python, then pygame and
py2exe, would it work?

PS. in your entry, (which i thought was cool) there's a bug on line 104
of gui.py.  It wouldn't run for me until i changed rect.h to rect.height


On Mon, 2002-11-11 at 16:16, Pete Shinners wrote:
> i just uploaded a new pygame2exe. there was a problem with the default
> font. nothing much to change, but hopefully i made the process a little
> simpler for everyone.
> just a reminder. to create a windows exe from your game. download py2exe,
> then use my little pygame2exe script to help control py2exe. for the most
> part it works pretty easily. especially now that the default font is
> working again.
> http://pygame.org/ftp/pygame2exe.py
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