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Re: [pygame] pygame2exe update

Shandy Brown wrote:
> Do you know if it's possible to do this using WINE?  I want to upload a
> windows exe to the LD competition, but don't have a windows box.

sounds like a big project with the wine and python installs, i'm unsure if
it would work or not. if you don't have one later tonight (it is morning
for me now). i'll be able to bundle up a binary for you. you may find
someone who can get it done sooner in the pygame irc chat channel?

> PS. in your entry, (which i thought was cool) there's a bug on line 104
> of gui.py.  It wouldn't run for me until i changed rect.h to rect.height

yeah, unfortunately it's a new "feature" in the cvs version of pygame.
Geoff let me update it last night, so now my source will work for anyone
with pygame-1.5.3.

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