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[pygame] PyDDR in NTK shock!

As I suspect many of the non-european Pygame users may not have seen 
this, I thought I better post for your enjoyment.

NTK [http://www.ntk.net] is a weekly (sarcastic) newsletter that's 
quite popular among the UK IT spods. Think "The Register", without page 
3 and you'd be close. To my delight this week's edition included the 

                sufficiently advanced technology : the gathering

          For those of you who think DDR stands for "double data
          rate", then think it stands for "Dance Dance Revolution",
          then start flip-flopping manicly between the two, comes
          PYTHON DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, the high-level, ogg-wielding
          scripting dance game for Linux or Windows, a PS2->USB
          connector, and a DDR mat. For those who like their GPL'd
          rhythm games more polished - and platform specific - there's
          the Visual C++, but otherwise damn fine STEPMANIA 3.0, now
          with a vast world of skins, track editing, extra announcers
          and music files behind it. If you can *get* the music files,
          that is : our copyright overlords dictate that your
          favourite MP3 tracks be hidden away from sight, like escaped
          rebels or MAME files. But, hey, that's why it's called
          revolution, right?
                                     - many dependencies, but hackable
  - It's SDL! Port it to the Mac! Port it the Linux! Are you a monkey?
                                                          - and so on.

*Many* congrats to P1E on the above! This is a rare treat indeed... :)


P.S. I hope you got some decent hits over the weekend... ;)
   "A computer lets you make mistakes faster than any invention in human 
history -- with the possible exception of tequila."
      -- Unknown Usenet Poster

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