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Re: [pygame] Subclassing Sprite

>I want to create a Sprite subclass which has 2 (or more) separate
>drawing areas, kind of like here:

>The thing is, I am having some trouble with this __g variable.

Hmm... I can't even remember now why I wanted to access __g
(heh heh?)  I am still not sure if or how I would do that if I
wanted to override add_internal in a Sprite / Group subclass.

Anyhow, what I ended up doing is creating a class which subclasses
both Sprite and Group, and it does mostly what I wanted.

It can't be used in a list of Sprites to initialize a Group, as
Group.add() does not check for _spritegroup once it has figured
out it is working with a sequence. Does anyone else ever need to
create a Group by passing in a sequence of Groups?

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