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[pygame] Subclassing Sprite

This is probably due to me not really understanding something
in python, but I think I should ask here anyhow.

I want to create a Sprite subclass which has 2 (or more) separate
drawing areas, kind of like here:


The thing is, I think what I want is a special kind of Sprite
which can be used with any kind of group, not one that requires
a special kind of group to use.

My thought was to make each part actually be a Sprite, then
override add, add_internal, remove, remove_internal
such that when I add or remove this "sprite" from a group,
it actually adds and removes all of its parts.

The thing is, I am having some trouble with this __g variable.

Should I go ahead and access it as _Sprite__g or am I missing
something vital here? It seems like someone went to a bit of
trouble to keep me from doing that ;o)

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