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Re: [pygame] pygame on OSX (10.2.1)

On Samstag, November 9, 2002, at 09:17  Uhr, Pete Shinners wrote:

> Bob wrote (but bounced):
> ------------------------
> The image cache issue is just a path name problem, edit SDLmain.m (or
> whatever the .m file is.. I'm not sure anymore) and make sure the
> version number in the icon path is that of your python build.
> -bob

Thanks Bob, Thanks Pete! It works.

pygame is running nearly out-of-the-box from CVS python and CVS pygame. 
The examples run without problems, but give either a Bus Error or 
Segmentation Fault when exiting. I started the examples from the 

Let's see what I can now do on OSX with this package. :)

Thanks again,

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