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Re: [pygame] PyDDR in NTK shock!

Korruptor <korruptor@mac.com> writes:

> As I suspect many of the non-european Pygame users may not have seen 
> this, I thought I better post for your enjoyment.
> NTK [http://www.ntk.net] is a weekly (sarcastic) newsletter that's 
> quite popular among the UK IT spods. Think "The Register", without page 
> 3 and you'd be close. To my delight this week's edition included the 
> following:

NTK quite often trail Python programs; roundup got in a few weeks back.

Their best one though was covering the release of the newly
open-source zope:

                                >> TRACKING <<
                  making good use of the things that we find

         Professional Web content systems companies, switching to
         Open Source - as recommended by their own *venture
         capitalist*? That's *sick*. ZOPE is a PERVERTED hybrid of
         the widely-regarded BOBO object-oriented CGI replacement,
         and the previously commercial PRINCIPIA Web application
         system. It's also got the Aqueduct relational database
         system thrown in. It's all free, source code is included,
         and even more horrifically, it's centered on the PYTHON
         language, that politically-correct, nicely-formatted,
         easy-to-read OPEN BLOODY SOURCE scripting language. ZOPE's
         creators will be releasing the source later today, so we
         haven't had a chance to play, but we hope it's bloody
         rubbish, otherwise we'll have nothing nasty to say at all.
                  - nice clean well-written Website too. CURSE THEM!

Still makes me laugh.


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