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Re: [pygame] PyDDR in NTK shock!

On Wed, 13 Nov 2002 12:51 am, Michael Hudson wrote:
> Korruptor <korruptor@mac.com> writes:
> > As I suspect many of the non-european Pygame users may not have seen
> > this, I thought I better post for your enjoyment.
> >
> > NTK [http://www.ntk.net] is a weekly (sarcastic) newsletter that's
> > quite popular among the UK IT spods. Think "The Register", without page
> > 3 and you'd be close. To my delight this week's edition included the
> > following:
> NTK quite often trail Python programs; roundup got in a few weeks back.

Yeah, I put it up on the Roundup site as "roundup in the press", and have used 
quotes from their piece in presentations :)


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