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Re: [pygame] PyDDR in NTK shock!

>*Many* congrats to P1E on the above! This is a rare treat indeed... :)


Thanks, G-man, one of my beta testers clued me into the listing, but I didn't really have time to look into it or thank anyone for whoever submitted my link =] I'm stoked about it though! 

>P.S. I hope you got some decent hits over the weekend... ;)

That's a good question.

Looks like 151 visits for Saturday, 146 for Sunday, and 422 (!) on Friday. I'm now even more stoked than before. God, I don't even want to look at hits... but curiosity will make me do it. =]

Anyhow, I guess I should say something since I'm being honoured in public, and it's going to be short:

"You can do it too. Even with shoddy code."

Now I'm going to take a drink so I don't dehydrate from playing it.


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