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[pygame] Desperately trying to package LD game...

I'm having trouble even getting my game to _work_ under windows, let alone 
package it up with pygame2exe.

Should pygame games work under IDLE? I ctrl-F5 and my game executes ok, but 
when it exits the windows hang (other IDLE windows are ok, it's just the game 
source and the game window itself).

I ran pygame2exe (which has some variable problems - "script" should be 
"project_script" and "icon_file" can't be commented out) and it seemed to 
work OK, but I can't find anything it may have produced.

Please help! No-one's voted for my game yet, and I can only assume that a) it 
sucks so much they can't be bothered, or b) I have to provide a windows 
executable before they do. I'm really hoping it's b) ...


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