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Re: [pygame] Desperately trying to package LD game...

On Tue, 12 Nov 2002 10:30 am, Richard Jones wrote:
> I'm having trouble even getting my game to _work_ under windows, let alone
> package it up with pygame2exe.
> Should pygame games work under IDLE? I ctrl-F5 and my game executes ok, but
> when it exits the windows hang (other IDLE windows are ok, it's just the
> game source and the game window itself).

... but double-clicking the source file makes it work ok - after I fix a dodgy 
import trick I used that works on Linux, but not on Windows. I presume that 
on Windows, double-clicking a .py file doesn't add that file's directory to 
sys.path? It couldn't find my other module. No problem, monolithic is fine, I 
just need to get something submitted that works on Windows.

> I ran pygame2exe (which has some variable problems - "script" should be
> "project_script" and "icon_file" can't be commented out) and it seemed to
> work OK, but I can't find anything it may have produced.

I take it back. I have _no_ idea what was going on with "script" and 
"project_script". After exiting IDLE, restarting and re-running the 
pygame2exe script, it all worked. Argh! 


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