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Re: [pygame] blit problem (bug?)

> I have a problem that I do not manage to solve yet after
> many hours of trying and fiddling.
> My screen is a 1024x768 bitmap.
> I created an off-screen buffer of 1024x832 and want to blit a
> part of this buffer into my screen
> if i use
>     screen.blit(offscreenbuffer,(0,0)) # it works
> but
>     screen.blit(offscreebuffer,(0,0),(0,64,1024,768))
> Then only the first 704 pixels (in height) are blitted to the
> screen....
> as well,
>     screen.blit(offscreebuffer,(0,0),(0,64,1024,832))
> gives the same result
> It seems pygame clipped the blit to the dest_h-src_y!!!!

try [(0,64),(1024,768)]

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