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Re: [pygame] blit problem (bug?)

Pete Shinners wrote:
>>It seems pygame clipped the blit to the dest_h-src_y!!!!
> there's a misunderstanding in how it's supposed to work?

 From the previous answer, it seems the misunderstanding mostly comes
from the fact, i want to specify a rectange (x,y,width,height)
where I should use [(x,y),(width,height)]

Basically, I want to do full-screen 8-direction scrolling.
I use the buffer bitmap from which I copy to the screen with a
offsetx,offsety depending on the actual position of the player.
When the player crosses a tile boundary, I regenerate the offscreen borders
if necessary.

The result (apart from the problem I experimented) is stunning.
In fullscreen-doublebuffer mode, I easily reach 50 fps on an aging AMD-K500
with 20 (64x64 pixel square) bobs on top of my scrolling background...

I will have at least two projects depending on that:
- a French teaching game
- a clone of Skweek (excellent Loriciel game that was amazing on Amiga)



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