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Re: [pygame] unicode bug at font.c

hcyun@etri.re.kr wrote:

> font.c at current cvs tree has a simple but serious bug on font_size()
> and font_render() functions.
> With current version, we can't render or size unicode properly. I
> attatched the fix of this bug and I hope this will be fixed very soon.

i will get this into cvs in a few hours, thanks for finding the problem!

i assume you need this fixed because you will be releasing something 
soon? what does you schedule look like? if you need something soon i can 
make an effort to put together a pygame-1.5.5 release soon. if you can 
wait a few more months, i'm planning to do a full pygame-1.6 release 
after the next python-2.3 is out.

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