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Re: [pygame] blit problem (bug?)

Guillaume Proux wrote:

> More on that bug... It seems that if I make my buffer
> with the flag ASYNCBLIT or SWSURFACE, everything works
> perfectly... BUT AWFULLY SLOW!
> If the flag is HWSURFACE, the visual glitch show up
> and things are QUICK!
> grrr... Did anybody experience the same problem
> or is it a h/w issue? (will buf up the available
> memory and update DirectX and we will see...)

aha! i know what it is. you'll need an updated SDL.dll
this comes from the SDL changelog..

Changes for Mon Oct 7:
     * 1.2.5a: Fixed source coordinates for blits from hardware surfaces

grab this zipfile and extract the SDL.dll into your 
c:\PYTHON22\LIB\SITE-PACKAGES\PYGAME folder. i'm hoping that takes care 
of the problem.


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