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Re: [pygame] unicode bug at font.c

Guillaume Proux wrote:
> Wow, i just tried my usual tricks on an UK Windows NT and python crashed!
> So for some reason, with the latest version of pygame running on python
> 2.2.2
> on a Windows 98 Japanese edition, everything works fine but not on this
> NT UK version!
> Thank you for pointing out those bugs, I am very much waiting for the fixes
> to arrive in a release near me (SW?)

i've just put a binary pygame-cvs online for windows users. please get back
to me and let me know if this fixes the font crashes. i hope so, if it is
still crashing please let me know which function and what the arguments are?


sounds like it's time for another patch release. once this issue is nailed
down i'll be making moves for distribution. if there's any other little
things that should be cleaned up before release, let me know now. i'm
especially interested in any little problems that may be holding up a game
you intend to release soon.

since pygame-1.5.3 there have been a few small fixes for Sprites, Rects.
Music and Sound queueing, the Scale2x transform, and now a potential
unicode bug fix. http://pygame.org/whatsnew.shtml

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